Stainless Steel Specifications

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Fasteners exposed to any kind of corrosive media which lead to rusting and destruction such as water, humidity, fog, industrial atmosphere, exhaust gas, dust, soot, acids and alkalis.

Stainless Steel A2 or grades 304 & 305 is usually sufficient for:

  • out of door connections.
  • domestic appliances.
  • exposure to water and humidity in industrial applications.
  • dairies, breweries and filter plants.
  • food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • chemical cleaning, laboratories and photographic industry.
  • electrochemical application
  • paper mills and hydraulic engineering.

Stainless Steel A4 or grade 316 is preferred for more aggressive conditions and the addition of molybdenum increases the corrosion interest resistance especially for the immersion in salt water and stronger chemical solutions.

Marine Application:
The "Austenitic" or 18/8 300 series (as supplied by Mr. Stainless) is especially recommended for marine use and is growing in popularity. It is generally superior to brass and naval bronze in both strength and corrosion resistence.

Grade 316 is especially advised where fasteners are to be immersed in salt water.

Usual Composition:
A2: 18% chromium, 11% nickel.
A4: 18% chromium, 12% nickel, 2.3% molybdenum.

Tensile Strength:

Thread Diameter M2-M5 M6-M10 M12-M16 M18-M20 M22-M25
Tensile Strength N/mm2 700 700 600 550 500
Stress at 0.2%
Permanent Strain N/mm2
- 450 400 350 250
Extension % - 12 12 12 12

The above information is supplied as guidelines only extracted from material supplied by world authorities on stainless steel.

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